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2019 Rome Crux - Hazard


UNDERWRAP TO THE PEOPLE—ROME ALL-MOUNTAIN RESPONSE FOR ALL Overview We’ve pushed our binding design explorations to bring the feel of Rome UnderWrap technology to the mid-tech...

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2019 Rome Powder Division


Overview HI NATE. RIDE FIRST CHAIR. SURF UNTRACKED BOWLS. TUCK INTO NARROW TREE LINES.  Reach into the quiver and pull one of these out on those deep days that call for...

2020 Rome Agent


Overview IT’S BAAAAAACK Brace yourself, ‘cause the Agent is back, and better than ever. This legacy board never really left, but it’s back with a vengeance and our game-changing...

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2020 Rome Gangplank


Overview THE BUTTERY-SMOOTH FREESTYLE FREAKSHOW Build for riders that see side hits and transitions around every turn, the Gang Plank is an opportunistic all-mountain pillager. With enough flex and...

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2020 Rome Mechanic


Overview THE RELIABILITY OF A FINELY TUNED MACHINE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING We all had to start somewhere, and we designed the Mechanic to make sure sitting in the lodge was not an option. Thanks to a...

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2020 Rome Ravine


Overview Hey There Nate. SLASH A WHITE WALL. EXPLODE A ROLLER WHITE ROOM. AIR OUT A CLIFF BAND. We’ve shaped and powered the new Ravine for a life of exploring mountain terrain, whether it is...

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2020 Rome Warden


Overview SHRED HILLS, NOT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT New for 2019, the Warden is our latest offering for riders who want the performance of Fusion Camber at friendlier price point. Built to lay down euro...

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