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2018 Burton ankle Tongue sider

$29.99 $23.99

Overview Upgrade your old strap tongue and sliders with a set of the Flex Sliders, or keep a spare pair handy in case of emergency. Critical binding parts can break at the most inconvenient of times. Be prepared for a breakdown with our ankle tongue and...

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2018 Burton Bullet Tool

$34.99 $27.99

Overview Ratch-a-tat-tat. Speed and safety make this five-in-one ratcheting tool the choice of pros and ams alike. The low-profile shape prevents impactful landings when pocketed, while a foldout handle provides maximum cranking power for tightening...

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2018 Burton Mini Scraper Mat - Teal Deal

$27.99 $22.39

Overview Focused traction. For riders who need a little back-foot traction, but don’t want to take up too much topsheet real estate, our mini scraper mats are the way to roll. A small scraper ridge helps remove snow and ice build-up on boot soles...

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Demon Wrist Guards - Black


Demon Basic Wrist Guard V2 Whether you're new to snowboarding or carving like a veteran, protection for your wrists is a must have! A lightweight wrist guard that fits easily under gloves so you can get on with riding and forget about worrying. ...

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