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Camber: The original Profile, Camber provides the most contact with the snow, creating precision, agility and speed through it's turns. This profile is ideal for riders with experience and want a board with stability at higher speeds and more aggression. 

Flat/Rocker: Designed for playfulness and a forgiving experience, Flat/Rocker is perfect for new riders. With less contact on the snow, this profile helps you get on your feet and down the hill with minimal effort, making progression easier and more fun. Powder boards and Park Boards are an exemption, specifically designed to reduce contact for their respective terrains.

Hybrid: What's a hybrid? Can't decide whether to go camber or Flat/Rocker? Just go for the best of both worlds! Hybrid Profiles give you a mixture of both to provide versatility so you can ride anywhere and everywhere.


All you need to know here is whether you would like a directional shaped board or a twin. 

Directional boards turn better. They generally have a longer and slightly wider nose than tail, which helps with turn initiation. The drawback here is that the board will generally not ride as well switch (or backwards). 

A twin shaped board is best for those who like riding switch or want to get better at it. Perfect for Park riding and over all freestyle riding.

2018 Arbor Clovis - 159cm

$849.95 $679.95

Overview The Clovis is Arbor’s latest Camber System gun. It was designed with Mark Carter, who drew shape inspiration from Native American arrowheads to deliver the performance, power, and stability required for hunting massive...

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2018 Burton Custom FV 150cm

$779.96 $623.96

Overview When other companies emulate the versatile ease of the Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard, you know you're onto something. Backed by a cult following, the Custom Flying V Snowboard replaces the need for a conditions-specific quiver, tackling...

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2018 Burton Custom X Flying V 154cm

$899.95 $719.95

Overview As the most aggressive board in the Burton lineup, the Burton Custom X Flying V Snowboard carries a legacy of absolutely sending it anywhere and everywhere on the mountain. Stiff enough to pin it on the steeps and precise enough to navigate icy...

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2018 Burton Instigator


Overview Shortcut the learning curve with an all-around board that’s catch-free and easy for boosting confidence anywhere you take it. Some riders just want to get straight to the fun part. Enjoy a no-fuss feel with the Burton Instigator, a board...

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2019 Burton Bottom Feeder


Overview Wider, shorter, surfier, heck, we might as well just say funner in all conditions. Carve-happy surfer types around the world are calling for shorter, fatter boards, and the Bottom Feeder is the Family Tree’s newest answer. The secret to...

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2019 Burton Deep Thinker


Overview Open your mind with Danny Davis’ new take on extra-poppy, pow-friendly performance. The Burton Deep Thinker is a directional spin on Danny Davis’ go-to for hot laps in the park, pipe, or mobbing side hits across the mountain. Adding...

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2019 Burton Paramount


Overview The pinnacle formula for park performance: a true twin shape with the pop and power of camber. Launching to the moon or sliding down a rail, the precision and response of camber combines with a classic twin tip shape for a freestyle formula...

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2019 Burton Speed Date


Overview Go hard in the trench on the Family Tree’s fastest new addition, inspired by snowboarding’s signature event: the banked slalom. Our designers called it “the banked slalom board” from day one, so you know it’s built...

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2019 Capita Horrorscope


Overview That’s right, remember it, live it, own it. The Horrorscope 8000 allows you to do just that! The infinite possible reality generator on this bad boy is state-of-the-art, second-to-none, and cream-of-the-crop. It’s easy to use, just...

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2019 DC Mega


Overview Team-tested and approved, the Mega is built to bring skate-inspired style to the snow by combining snappy Lock & Load camber with a lightweight, pop-enhancing Fresh Deck top sheet. Product Features Lock & Load Camber Stratus...

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2019 DC Ply


Overview The skate-like feel of the popular Ply series was tested and developed with our team riders. It features snappy Lock & Load camber paired with the cruisey flex of a Biax Glass layup and a lightweight Stratus Core. Product Features ...

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2019 Nitro Mountain


Overview The Mountain snowboard was specifically designed to turn the entire mountain into your own personal playground, by offering a flawless edge hold through turns & effortless float through chop and pow – your imagination is your only...

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2019 Nitro POW


Overview A staple in our Quiver series for good reason – the reinvented pow surfer offers unstoppable float and a surf like quickness to any type of terrain, without hurting your wallet. When something works make it affordable and ride pow with it...

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