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Not sure what you're looking for? here's some knowledge:


Camber: The original Profile, Camber provides the most contact with the snow, creating precision, agility and speed through it's turns. This profile is ideal for riders with experience and want a board with stability at higher speeds and more aggression. 

Flat/Rocker: Designed for playfulness and a forgiving experience, Flat/Rocker is perfect for new riders. With less contact on the snow, this profile helps you get on your feet and down the hill with minimal effort, making progression easier and more fun. Powder boards and Park Boards are an exemption, specifically designed to reduce contact for their respective terrains.

Hybrid: What's a hybrid? Can't decide whether to go camber or Flat/Rocker? Just go for the best of both worlds! Hybrid Profiles give you a mixture of both to provide versatility so you can ride anywhere and everywhere.


All you need to know here is whether you would like a directional shaped board or a twin. 

Directional boards turn better. They generally have a longer and slightly wider nose than tail, which helps with turn initiation. The drawback here is that the board will generally not ride as well switch (or backwards). 

A twin shaped board is best for those who like riding switch or want to get better at it. Perfect for Park riding and over all freestyle riding.

2022 Nitro The Beast


Overview Eero, Sven, Marcus, and Torgier´s Brainchild The Beast was engineered and designed by and for the world's best freestyle snowboarders of this generation, the last generation, and the future generation - Sven Thorgren, Torgeir Bergrem,...

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2022 Nitro Drop Out


Overview The Directional Evolution Continues Engineered to make any terrain and condition playful, the Dropout is the mutant spawn of the trusted Squash and takes its attitude and fun ride to a more affordable price point. The Dropout´s design...

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2022 Ride Twin Pig


Overview The TWINPIG is a twin version of our most popular WARPIG model. Our engineering team took what we liked about the versatility and aggression of the WARPIG and packaged it in a twin shape for someone looking for more freestyle performance while...

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2022 Ride War Pig


Overview The award winning WARPIG is back for another round. The WARPIG has won multiple snowboard tests for both all mountain and freestyle categories which is a rare feat in modern snowboarding. The versatility of the warpig is unmatched. This warpig...

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2021 Nitro Squash

$849.95 $679.99

The Nitro Squash snowboard does it all. It holds float in deep powder with its swallowtail and carves insanely well on the groomers. The Squash has been a huge success since it's inception into Nitro's line and has quickly become one of their most...

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2021 Jones Stratos

$899.95 $719.99

Overview The new Stratos is a hybrid all-mountain board built with the body of a directional freeride board and the spirit of a freestyle board. The Stratos has a playful board feel thanks to a narrow sidecut and friendly flex, but the 10mm of taper and...

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2021 Jones Mind Expander

$929.95 $739.99

Overview EXPAND YOUR MIND,EXPAND YOUR MOUNTAIN The Ultra Mind Expander is a super charged alternative all-mountain board designed for high speed slashing and freeriding. We stepped up the top speed of the playful Mind Expander by adding camber, premium...

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2021 Capita Horrorscope


MEN’S / RADIAL / TRUE TWIN  Overview Team ridden and team designed, the Horrorscope is the must-have deck for your resort quiver. It is fun, maneuverable, easy to ride, and capable of big things. With a big reputation and a...

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2021 Burton Kilroy Twin

$599.99 $480.00

Overview The workingman's classic: a traditional camber twin, designed to thrive on all terrain. The rippers on ground level are looking for a board that can hang without worrying about the cost. The men's Burton Kilroy Twin Snowboard is here to give...

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2021 Burton Skeleton Key


Overview A directional utility tool designed to unlock the full spectrum of freeride terrain. The offspring of a one-night stand between two of Burton's most revered all-terrain boards, the men's Burton Skeleton Key Snowboard has quickly become a...

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2021 Burton Paramount


Overview The pinnacle formula for high-caliber park performance: twin tip shape with the pop and raw power of camber. Launching to the moon or sliding down a rail, the men's Burton Paramount Snowboard is the vehicle that will get you there and back...

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2021 DC Mega

$749.95 $599.99

Overview The 2021 DC Mega snowboard is team-tested and team-approved for any freestyle situation. Strong edge hold, quick response, and rock solid stability on ground and in the air is what the Mega provides, all thanks to its lightweight...

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2021 Rome Gangplank

$799.95 $639.99

Overview Built for riders that see sidehits and transitions around every turn, the Gang Plank is an opportunistic all-mountain pillager. With enough flex and float to pop a front three into powder, but plenty of pressable power to lay waste to the...

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2021 Rome Warden

$699.95 $559.99

Overview SHRED HILLS, NOT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT New for 2019, the Warden is our latest offering for riders who want the performance of Fusion Camber at friendlier price point. Built to lay down euro carves, poach tree runs and slash wind lips with style,...

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