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Camber: The original Profile, Camber provides the most contact with the snow, creating precision, agility and speed through it's turns. This profile is ideal for riders with experience and want a board with stability at higher speeds and more aggression. 

Flat/Rocker: Designed for playfulness and a forgiving experience, Flat/Rocker is perfect for new riders. With less contact on the snow, this profile helps you get on your feet and down the hill with minimal effort, making progression easier and more fun. Powder boards and Park Boards are an exemption, specifically designed to reduce contact for their respective terrains.

Hybrid: What's a hybrid? Can't decide whether to go camber or Flat/Rocker? Just go for the best of both worlds! Hybrid Profiles give you a mixture of both to provide versatility so you can ride anywhere and everywhere.


All you need to know here is whether you would like a directional shaped board or a twin. 

Directional boards turn better. They generally have a longer and slightly wider nose than tail, which helps with turn initiation. The drawback here is that the board will generally not ride as well switch (or backwards). 

A twin shaped board is best for those who like riding switch or want to get better at it. Perfect for Park riding and over all freestyle riding.

2018 Burton Day Trader - 150

$649.99 $519.95

Overview Throw away the trail map and explore new stashes with the Burton team’s favorite for effortless float and confidence-boosting control. From exploring the trail map to sneaking away in search of secret stashes, the Burton Day Trader boosts...

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2018 Burton Feather

$499.99 $399.95

Overview Effortless feel and progression-friendly features make it amazingly easy to take the next step in snowboarding. The laid-back and relaxed design of the Burton Feather provides an effortless feel that makes learning and improving fast and fun...

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2018 K2 Lime Lite 146cm

$659.95 $527.95

Overview The K2 Lime Light Snowboard is a go-to deck for beginners and freestylin' mountain veterans alike. Comfortable on any part of the mountain, the Lime Light has K2 s Freestyle Baseline™ and Tweekend™ profiling for easy float and...

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2019 Burton Rewind

$599.95 $479.95

Overview Step up your game with the hardest charging "soft"board on the mountain. Extra poppy flex for riders who charge hard, and like to flaunt a freestyle attitude backed by steady park progression. The flat, ultra-thin and skate-like profile improves...

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2019 Burton Stick Shift


Overview Pop the clutch, rally around and enjoy the ride with this surf-inspired short board. Quick and nimble, yet loose and playful – it’s all about balance with the Family Tree’s first super short pow surfer designed specifically...

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2019 Burton Talent Scout

$649.95 $549.95

Overview Bad-ass with a touch of sass in an action-packed board that’ll have you falling in love with camber all over again. The Burton Talent Scout is on a mission to track down the best of park progression. A step up in pro-driven attitude from...

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2019 Capita Birds of a Feather

$749.95 $599.95

Overview One of the most popular women’s snowboards in the industry, the do-anything, go-anywhere Birds of a Feather is here to change your riding forever. This hybrid-camber, all-terrain destroyer has inspired countless knock-offs chasing its...

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2019 DC Forever

$699.95 $559.95

Overview The all-new Forever is designed for freestyle-focused action all over the mountain. Lightweight and nimble, it features our snappy Lock & load camber with a Fresh Deck top sheet and sintered Supreme base. Product Features Lock...

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2019 Nitro Mystique

$599.95 $479.95


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2019 Ride Saturday

$699.95 $559.95

Overview Are you relieved whenever your significant other tells you he wants to spend a Saturday with the boys? If he can’t snowboard to save his life, maybe it’s better if he spends the weekend doing some male bonding while you take a few...

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2019 Rome LoFi Camber

$649.95 $519.95

POSITIVE CAMBER 2.0 FOR RIDERS WHO POSITIVELY DEMAND POP Advanced riders, from contest riders to seasoned locals, often demand the high-energy response of positive camber whether their preference is ripping clean turns or popping off the lips of jumps...

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2019 Yes Emoticon

$649.95 $519.95

Overview The Emoticon takes the user-friendly performance of the Basic, in a tailored design that targets a woman’s size and weight. Narrower, softer and a more forgiving blended sidecut has made this one a multi-time TWS Goodwood...

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